In Conversation with Katie, in a restaurant in Portland, Oregon
A hair is a hair.
Even if itís pubic.
And Portland has a large
trans community.
I have a special 3000 dollar
chair. With stirrups.
Itís easier for them and I donít
have to bend down so far.
Isnít it painful? Hair from
down there, with a needle?
No, we anesthetize them.
But is it really necessary?
Yes. If you shave them
they grow back.
I donít know if they would
bother in England.
They do.
Well, I do have a few,
on my chin.
Get in touch with Sterex, U.K.
Tell them Katie
recommended you.
You commend my
beautiful accent
and we hug goodbye.

Alex Corrin-Tachibana

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Alex Corri
n-Tachebana would be pleased to hear them.