The Organist

Jesu, joy of man’s desiring, the twenty-third,
a low key Nunc Dimmitis -
good little earners on weekday afternoons,
especially in the winter.

He much prefers a funeral to a wedding —
the service short, the family undemanding
and, unlike a bride, a corpse is seldom late.

Young couple at Bristol Parkway

Stations bookend their loving,
open and close each chapter.

Stranded on a draughty platform
thirty years on,
she’ll reread the romance.

Weight Watcher

Exhausted by years of open warfare,
they have declared a truce,
she and her body.

They co-exist in an uneasy peace,
a state of watchful, armed neutrality.

How long will the ceasefire hold?

Gill Garrett

If you have any thoughts on these poems, Gill Garrett would be pleased to hear them.