Onward! Onward!


There will be challenges to face
As through this life you make your way.
Remind yourself: ‘Grit wins the race!’
And vow to keep on, come what may.
Yes, battle on, with head held high,
Though conditions aren’t your choosing;
Let ‘Invictus!’ be your cry -
The rest of us find that amusing.

Tackle the mountain, inch by inch,
Be sure that you’ll make history,
Declaring: ‘Only cowards flinch,
And giving up is not for me.’
Convince yourself you have the skill,
Determine not to bend or buckle,
And when you fail, as fail you will,
The rest of us will have a chuckle.

Henry Strang

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Henry Strang 
would be pleased to hear them.