I live amid a lockdown glitch,
Iím watching every curtain twitch;
I feel the neighbors spying.
Iím working out whoís friend or foe,
I would break out, but should I go?
What law am I defying?

I want to shop, I want to jog,
I want to barbecue a hog;
Iím lonely and Iím pining.
I want to dance, play music loud
with more than three, but threeís a crowd,
and neighbours might start whining.

So here I sit just sipping tea
(the potís for two, thereís only me)Ö
Is that my neighbor coughing?
My ears prick up, I hear a sneeze,
Iíve goosey flesh, my senses freeze Ė
theyíll put me in my coffin!

I lift the blind and what I find
has gone and blown all peace of mind;
Iím sure theyíve not been tested!
Theyíre laughing in a packed backyard;
thank goodness I have been on guard Ė
Iíll get those jerks arrested!

Susan Jarvis Bryant

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Susan Jarvis Bryant 
would be pleased to hear them.