Matchmaker on a Cell, JFK Airport
He’s English, was head of his cricket team,
traveled to South Africa, Manager of Operations
for North America, I like him so much
and I like you so much. Went to college
in Manchester, 35—a good age for you.
Firm jaw, you might be impressed.
Lots of responsibility,
lots of pressure, can’t tell you
which bank, his family is still in London,
he has a sister there…No, he’s
Church of England…
We should sit down…
He might not do as well in a big city
environment…you’ll be surprised
by how open he is. To me he’s so
likeable, he’s cute,
very well traveled,
he has a sexuality that’s, um, pleasant,
his coloring on his hair is a little
ultra—umm—but I really think
we should sit down
together… I just know
this is going to work for you…
No I don’t have
a photo yet, but I have
more information for you—my flight
is boarding, they’re cutting me off—

Terese Coe

If you have any thoughts on this poem, 
Terese Coe would be pleased to hear them.