Random Access Co-Imagination

Simon says The River Goyt
might become the Styx in Heaven.
Will says Hollidot is a peaceable,
grammatical shapeshifter.

I say oceans smile with liquid
eyes and fill themselves with rain.
Dave says only the static caravan
knows a halfroad Rontaur.

James says let's have one more
crumble from dad's pollen.
Jesus sits at the right hand
of the Lord God our Father.

Paul asks wear an emotional
condom before you f**k my mind, man.
Mother says imagination is a
muscle and language a creature.

Hal says I know you spoke
against September 11th in 2000.
Mark knows that I said a clock
is only as fast as a cheetah.

Andy says I know the chords
to this tune by Bob Dylan.
Kit says Bob Dylan invented
rap, he was the first rapper.

Hannah says the main attraction
of drug-taking is the connections
you make with other people -
but I for one will just have butter.

Stef says I'm right it's impossible
to remember a new yellow line.
Mother says I must remember
when I smoke to shut the door.

James says I was right that
dad used to smuggle pollen
and that the art smuggling story
was just an elaborate cover.

Mark says something like there
is no virtue beyond fashion -
or was it no vice I cannot
quite remember anymore.

John Tucker

If you have any thoughts on this poem, 
John Tucker would be pleased to hear them.