Seeking a Geek

I am seeking a geek with a studious streak
Of dashingly bookish panache,
And the hex of huge specs flexing phrenic prowess;
A glinting-lens, tortoise-shell flash.

Give me highbrow-wow now with a splash of know-how
To spice up each dowdy grey cell;
I am yearning to gain a superlative brain 
Equipped to out-skip a gazelle.

I am craving an egghead with a bountiful hot-bed
Of off-the-chart smarts on display;
A bright dude well-endowed with a noggin thatís proud
To fire up and light up my day. 
I will never eschew an intent, naked view
Or finely-honed organ appeal;
Iíll find me a scholar who makes my mind holler
For more of his cerebral zeal.
While my shining Einstein takes his erudite time
To part with his genius kiss, 
I won't whip off my kit for the fittest half-wit
In the interest of ignorant bliss. 
I will sit on the shelf and Iíll save my good self
For the whiz that Iím going to wed, 
Praying a coffin won't precede my boffin 
To carry me off in instead!

Susan Jarvis Bryant

If you have any thoughts on this poem, 
Susan Jarvis Bryant would be pleased to hear them.