A couple I knew

In their old age
they became similar
in that way
smoke and steam are.

My Passport Photo

Even though I know
a photo's just a snapshot,
when I receive my passport,
it somehow comforts me
that in ten years I'll think again
how young I used to be.

The Guitar String

Almost in tune,
I turn it further out,
so the note can be found
in one swift move.


The fringe is a dangerous place
where actors put on radical plays
with deadly ideas
that ring in our ears
then are gone without a trace.


I stop
touch typing
and the rain continues.


As I take a log
a spider withdraws
into the wood pile.


The leaves
have left this tree
full of apples.

If you have any thoughts on these poems,  Tristan Moss
would be pleased to hear them.