A Run
a beach

Over the island from beaches this side where itís blowing,
itís only a mile to the side where today itís flat calm;
so over the hillís potholed tarmac, to tracks of sand going
along under southern pine, seagrape, gum elemi, palm;
and then between sea-oats and cocoplums over the dunes  
and down to the beach where the sand is as dusty as powder,
then lower across the high tide mark that seaweed festoons,
to harder packed sand under sun hot as bird-pepper chowder--
the sand at the ocean low tide, flat and hard as a ledge,
so flat you donít feel that youíre running the side of a slope
where the ocean runs up inches deep and you splash through its edge,
one more mile to the end, where the sand is as pink as fresh hope,
is as pink as a conch shell, as pink as the still morning skies ó
and you rest on the rocks in the shade while the southern pine sighs.

Robin Helweg-Larsen robinhelweglarsen@gmail.com

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