Tread Lightly down This Path

Don't speak about a life that's never-ending
To someone in excruciating pain;
Don't mention blessings from the sky descending
To anyone surprised by chilly rain.

And never say, "Your sins will be forgiven,"
To miscreants who wish to do you harm.
The common sense for which we all have striven
Comes not from beasts on Old MacDonald's farm.

So let it be our task as thoughtful humans
To temper rash pronouncements with due prudence,
For salutary tact, alone, illumines
The path to good results for mindful students.

Good tidings are untimely and pernicious
And ultimately far beside the point,
If served on tables stacked with dirty dishes,
Where noses are already out of joint.

The risk of putting forth a heartfelt blessing
To fellow humans in extreme distress
Is that what they perceive as window-dressing
Will only make them love you that much less.

C.B. Anderson

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