Amazing Household Hints



It drops your jaw, the time and cash you save
With simple tricks for chores around the home:
Defrost your butter in the microwave;
Use Coke to take the rust off auto chrome;
Apply a water/baking soda paste
(It works best when you mix it thick, not runny)
On stains of sweat and other liquid waste
That make your clothes and furniture smell funny;
Change your toothbrush, but never throw away
The useful tool your good hygiene replaces;
Its skinny reach is what you’ll want someday
For scrubbing spots in tricky corner spaces.
Urge these life hacks on all your friends.  Their thanks
Will be sincere if they, like you, are cranks.

Chris O'Carroll

If you have any thoughts on this poem,
Chris O'Carroll  would be pleased to hear them.