How to be Free

Itís better by far to live
as though you chose your life
whether or not thatís really true:
your partner/husband/wife;

your country, class, school, job;
your slot in history
avoiding blaming others or
accusing Destiny;

your sorrow, boredom, joy;
your weight, big bum, bad breath;
your Mum, your Dad, your squabbling brats;
your illness and your death . . .

Your starting point should be
you singled out your lot
and itís down to you if itís paradise
or the whole thing goes to pot.

Most people say theyíre victims
of this or maybe that
but my advice will set you free
or else Iíll eat my hat Ė

though in your case, in case
thatís the outcome to my flutter
Iíve bought myself a Panama
which goes with peanut butter.

Tom Vaughan

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Tom Vaughan 
would be pleased to hear them.