She Loved a Man
She loves a man who cannot sleep
and vows to find a remedy.
Together they try every cure ó
they swim and run, make love, drink beer,
take pills, read books, count sheep, say prayers.
But church clocks chime. A headlight flares.
A fruit fly flits about his ears.
His left foot cramps. His brainís on fire.
Her ragged breathing stokes his ire.
He turns and tosses through the night
and gets up spoiling for a fight.
She takes the bait. Whatís left to lose?
His thrash-groan-flail has left her bruised.
She woke up with all muscles braced
from dreams of pillows on his face.
And so they snap, spar, spew regret
all day until thereís nothing left.

Mary Beth Hines

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would be pleased to hear them.