Behavior that annoys me stays intact,
So if I wish to give my wrath a pause,
I have to change the way that I react,
For I control effect but not the cause.
I wrote a little poetry
And thought that it was good.
But when I wrote a lot of it
I wasnít sure I could.

Egos Under Words
In countless conversations,
Beneath the spoken words,
Lie egoistic motives,
Inartfully bestirred.
Some crow about their backgrounds,
Place knowledge on display.
Clandestinely intended,
Yet what they all but say.

A Friendís Help

We had a big problem at home yesterday,
I called up a friend, he came by right away.
Whilst memories of that big problem will end,
Iíll never forget the concern of my friend.
Russel Winick

If you have any thoughts on this poem,  Russel Winick  
would be pleased to hear them.