Open Wide: Vagina Dentata

at the dentist

Supine in the dentistís chair
My jaw splayed wide, I submit
To penetrative intrusion. Itís
My tie and tease session with
The Adult Tooth Fairy. First
Things first: the blindfold dark
Glasses. Next; protection as
A blue rubber dental dam is
Stretched over my yawning
Orifice like a hymen, chamfered
And bevelled to my teeth like a
Circus big-top with metal clips.
This gimp-mask is an Anti-Covid
Measure. It shields the domming
Dentist and his probing latex
Digits as he examines the broken
Internal terrain of my mouthís
Industrial waste plant and its
Lubrication: biohazard saliva,
Mucus and blood. A needle pricks
My gums, ejaculating anaesthetic
Into a climax of numbness. I become
One with drillís pulsating grind,
Open wider as directed, tilt my
Head like a rubber doll, hearing
Only my heavy breathing as my
Cavity is excavated and my mouth
Clogs with gritty residue. Flashing
Dildoes inserted, throbbing with
Red lights to harden the new fillingís
Composite. Once they are done with
Me, my mouth is free from bondage,
I can swallow, rinse and spit. I stand
And take the walk of shame and pay
For my pleasure. Not all my holes are
So freely exhibited. I am invited for a
Smear-test next but Iím not biting their
Hands off with eager compliance to
Attend. Call me perverse? Definitely.
Normal people hate the dentist but
Tolerate internal examinations. To me
Thatís ritual reproductive humiliation.
Watch me crunch and pulverise that
Speculum like Audrey in the Little Shop
Of Horrors...

Kate Meyer-Currey

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