Silver Girl

Her gaze was obscured by hazy clouds
Of unknowing, which hid her from herself
And the watching world. As her adolescent
Form waxed into maturity, she became
Self-conscious and muffled her new glow
In baggy darkness, shamed by the glint
Of hard-faced stars, fearful of the radiant
Sun behind her, as she stood naked before
The universeís three-way mirror, hesitating.
But the Sunís rays spoke warmly to her; ĎIíve
Got your back. Take my light, Silver Girl. Itís
Your time to shine.í So she stepped on the
Stage of the night sky, beaming with
Confidence in her gleaming dress, as the
Nebulae curtains parted and she faced her
First-night audience and they applauded.

Kate Meyer-Currey

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