Tea and Sympathy Wonít Cut the Mustard
(as was said by a DUP MP frustrated over the Brexit Protocol)

Tea and sympathy wonít cut the mustard.
It wonít skin a cat or make a horse drink
or warn bivouacking shepherds.
Its chicken-counting skills are nil.
Tea and sympathy wonít reveal
the forest or the piscine plenty of the sea.
It wonít spoil broth, gather moss or save nine.
It wonít teach an old dog anything.

Tea and sympathy wasnít built in a day.
It wonít repel the general practitioner
or turn out to be the better part of valour.
It doesnít blame its tools, make a summer
or sort the kind of sheep that hang with goats.
Tea and sympathy isnít greener on the other
side. Its absence wonít cause an insurgency
of mice. Two of it wonít tango, sit
out of reach in a bush, make a right.

Juliet Antill

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