Last Effect

after Marvell[1]  
Shirt worn by Charles I for his execution to go on display in London                    
                                                                                                            The Guardian, 30th January 2020.
Charles I

He nothing common wore nor mean:
An undershirt of bluish green,
            With gloves of kid and silk
            (Or something of that ilk);
A monogrammèd handkerchief
Supplied majestical relief;
            His shoulders bore a scarf
            And cloak (we have just half).
What can we learn from this display?
It was a January day;
            He walked out in the cold,
            And then … but now, behold:
Upon the undershirt remain
The traces of some kind of stain,
            Though whether blood or sweat
            Is not determined yet.
Oh, leave it!  Is it not enough
To flaunt this pitiable stuff?
            Above this shirt we view
            He wore another too,
Lest if he shook, it might appear
The outcome not of cold but fear.
            Grant him what grace we can:
            Proud, brave, uncommon man.  
Julia Griffin
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