For her,
of that prognosis
would have been like
offering oneís hand
to a grandmaster
long before
the final move.


In a world like this
itís easily assumed
that all the homes
covered in snow
must be well
and warm inside.

The Globalised Dodo

Bones were bought
from collections
around the world,

into something
less than the bird

our ancestors
killed off:
a bird that never was.


The pinecone's scales
create a surface
like an armadilloís shell,
so no bugs or vermin
get in.

It's holding on
to its seeds
till theyíre grown
and then 
will open up
but only fully
when all of them
are gone.

Migrating Words

I could not help but think
it isnít a bird you idiot, itís us
when reading Tennysonís words,
ďa climate changing birdĒ*.

*From line one of Tennysonís Demeter and Persephone.

Tristan Moss

If you have any thoughts on these poems, Tristan Moss would be pleased to hear them.