Kant Sleep

Our world divides into those who,
like the clock-set philosopher,
spend hours wondering,
Is time's existence a synthetic a priori truth?

and the rest, my punctual goddess,
who do not care at all,
who ask me to whisper
about the history of philosophy

in their ear, late at night,
because it helps them get to sleep.
Who are always snoring
by the time of David Hume.

Kant Sleep
The Night Before
The Operation

The man in the bed to my right
turns over and asks me:
What are you thinking about?

I see no good reason to lie:
Whether the existence of time
is a synthetic a priori truth,

whether it is more a matter
of imposition than reception.
I wait. He nods, sympathetically.

Same here, he says, exactly.
Although with me it's more a matter
of naked, passionate women.

Seth Crook

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Seth Crook would be pleased to hear them.