Paradise Tossed 

Adam and Eve

Today I travelled back to the beginning
To superglue the apple to the tree,
To stop a blessed and blissful couple sinning
And bring about eternal harmony.
Today I took my tiptop time machine
To daisy-dappled realms of scenic green. 
Today I trod the plushest paths of Eden
Enveloped in the freshest floral balm.
I frolicked in the lush, bucolic garden
Then lounged with lion and lamb in peace and calm.
I paced the flowered grounds of paradise 
Till virtue slipped on apple skins of vice. 
Today my gaze beheld a blaze of wonder – 
Gifts from God that filled my core with awe.
Yet still I made a luncheon-munching blunder... 
While sniffing out forbidden fruit I saw
A snake who’d baked a pie so sweet and light, 
I ditched the glue and ran to take a bite. 

Susan Jarvis Bryant
If you have any thoughts on this poem, Susan Jarvis Bryant would be pleased to hear them.