Our Reading is Taken
Let not your heart be troubled.
This is poetry
as tranquiliser. I
have heard these words so many
times, they always work
like a charm, soothing
the throbbing moment with
their cooling touch, like
the dock leaves we applied
to nettle stings.
.................... And when
the speaking voice, impassioned
or unctuous or just
perfunctory, getting
the business done, goes on
to many mansions in
my father's house, the spell's
unbroken. I think of Help!,
the moptops entering
by different doors to meet
in one fab pad.
................... And there
may be a place for us.
If I don't find you walking
in the garden, or driving
the cattle home at night.
their tails flailing at flies,
or holding court behind
the barn, with a hapless
entourage of chickens,
I'll know you've found a new
place to hide, a good one.
But wait. One of these days
I'll be coming. Really.
Ready or not.

David Callin


If you have any thoughts on this poem, David Callin would be pleased to hear them.