Fly Me To The Moon...
when scorn is cloaked in care’s disguise
when suckers swallow saccharine lies
when ears are deaf to warning cries – 
     the world has lost its way
when eyes are blind to brutish deeds
when minds don’t question crooked creeds
when heroes fall and no heart bleeds – 
     the world has lost its way
when fear is fed as daily bread
when human touch stokes thoughts of dread 
when hugs and hopes are all but dead – 
     the world has lost its way
when every door is barred and locked 
when every pilgrim’s path is blocked
when every plea for freedom’s mocked – 
     the world has lost its way
when preachers cast the devil’s spell
when fate waits at the gates of hell 
when no one hears the children yell – 
     the world has lost its way
sunless souls stroll starless nights
spirits die along with rights
time to leave; turn off the lights – 
     the world 
          has lost 
               its way

Susan Jarvis Bryant


If you have any thoughts on this poem, Susan Jarvis Bryant would be pleased to hear them.