Ode to Winter
A honeypool of sun seeps from the skies.
The crisp and clingy leaves have lost their grip.
     My scarlet spirits dip
As gold and russet highs bid cold goodbyes.
I feel your icy bite in twilight’s breeze – 
     Your stinging chill;
Your silver nip; your hoary, moon-licked tease
That bends the naked branches to your will. 
You suck the thrumming blood from Gaia’s veins,
Then frost her plump and sumptuous autumn spill – 
       That juicy-berry fill
For scrawny critters scouring country lanes. 
You scythe through field and fen through thick of night. 
      A rush of breath 
Drifts from your lips to fog the spangled light
Where reapers creep and mortals peek at death.
Your presence comes with promise to excite
With dreamy scenes of lacy flakes of snow.
     You leave blue souls aglow
With memories of Christmases of white – 
Your shining shawl of glory swathing earth
     As sleigh bells ring. 
I know your rage and grace. I know your worth.
I know your savage splendor gift-wraps Spring.

Susan J. Bryant

If you have any thoughts about this poem, Susan J. Bryant
would be pleased to hear them.