How daunting is the start of everyday,
Unbending fingers crying out for heat.
The cold and damp increase the price you pay;
To move at all is flirting with defeat.
The daily routine needs to be addressed,
Not easy when it hurts to move each limb;
Some medicines may help when you're at rest,
The chance of permanent relief is slim.
Not easy when youíre settling down to sleep,
With red hot needles piercing every joint;
Avoid the clock, donít watch the minutes creep,
When lying there itís hard to see the point.
Some rest and peace may gradually be found,
Improvement for tomorrow is your prayer;
And so the daily cycle goes around,
With those you meet completely unaware.

Alan Millichip


If you have any thoughts on this poem, Alan Millichip would be pleased to hear them.