Song of the Three BCCs*

To David Jenner, F.R.A.C.S.

Fifty years since you peeled your skin,
Soaking those unscreened kisses in,

It's not your wife but the surgeon uncovers
These long-lived love-bites of your sun lovers.

One to the breast, a hand's-breadth between
The left nipple and the shoulder's sheen.

One to the light-haired small of the back,
Soft to stroke but tender to smack.

And one on the outer forearm, curled
And coyly hidden in hairs, a pearled

Reminder of how you loved to drive
One-handed, left arm out, rolled sleeve,

Propping the wind, which flicked its whip
To the sun's indelible marksmanship--

A wild one's hickey, tiny but tough.
All you do now is tally them off.

John Ridland

*BCC = Basal cell carcinoma (a minor skin cancer)

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