Words fail me
not that I want it to
but you're the few people who could
cringe my pen yet still
pour my heart through a sifter
it trickles but you know there's more
more to what you read right now
more to this pen and ink
might as well be my heart bleeding
in sync with the ink

Words fail me
and despite how much I try
need I still remind ourselves?
Need I remind myself...
no, memories then scent of morning dews
fresh yet still
but when I see your eyes for the last time
they will sparkle, I know
and I know it will linger forevermore
like the starlights of ages gone, yet we see it still

Words fail me
but it will flood me like an avalanche
and you will not be here
to yank me out anymore
I guess beauty is bittersweet after all
but I do hope, you keep me in your heart
the place where I've always been
the buddy part
the part that is best left unsaid for now
and words fail me, until we meet again......

Woei Hern

If you've any comments on this poem, Woei Hern would be pleased to hear from you.

Woei Hern