Trio: Extinct Monsters
After this picture by Joseph Smit, 1896


I. Pterodactyls

Over the sea in a flurry of four,
we pterodactyls fly fast!
Winging our way above waves, sand and shore,
watching the world paddle past.

Sea-lizards loiter or sprawl on the rocks;
cuttlefish flap, silly, small.
We are spectacular, solo or flocks
hear our click-clackety call!

II. Sea-lizards

Alas for all this crude cacophony;
we elongate our necks towards the skies
and issue just a single gentle plea
for peace. They shriek the coarsest of replies.

We only wish to tumble in the tides
these noble necks are not designed for speed;
else we recline, with sunshine on our hides,
awaiting meals. We are a regal breed.

III. Cuttlefish

I was scuttling along, chasing fish,
when it looked like I might be a dish
for a scary sea-lizard
to grasp in his gizzard
I rushed by, unseen. Ha! You wish!

Felicity Teague

If you have any thoughts about these monsters,  Felicity Teague   would be pleased to hear them