More of Me Pammitry
With gratitude to a brilliant artist

Embarking on my sixth decade, I'm doubting who I am;
So lately I’ve been listening to broadcasts made by Pam,
Who’s absolutely charmed me – such prolonged, good-humoured deftness,
Non-partisan (though with a tang of sane, old-fashioned Leftness),
So shrewd and so unspiteful, always nudging, never scolding,
And rocking the fourteener, which I’d thought was gone with Golding.
Pam brings back memories of times I wasn’t even born at:
I’ll bet she’s got an aspidistra, one her husband’s sworn at;
Her father served in World War II – admit you somehow knew it;
And when she smiles at something, you can feel she’s smiling through it.
We needed cheering then, and troubles still continue piling;
Those were the days, and so are these – let someone keep us smiling:
Though Oxfordshire and Lancashire are very different bases,
There’s kinship in those happy gifts of Ayres’s and of Gracie’s.

Julia Griffin

If you have any thoughts about this poem,  Julia Griffin would be pleased to hear them