Carvosso's Credo appeared in the very first issue of Snakeskin.
It was an attempt to define the kind of poetry we believed in. We have tried to live up to it, sometimes succeeding.
Wael Almahdi has been considering the Credo, and has offered this response:

Responsum to Carvosso’s Credo
Attention! kinfolk of the snake
I come as seeker and as shaikh
For here is barred the knavish rake
Amidst the Ophites of the snake
A covenant since before the flood
Our kinship's thicker than mere blood
Adversaries! make no mistake
When faced with seekers of the snake
Afore the pen the poet must
The urgings of Sophia trust
So be it if the path should take
Our souls to where abides the snake
The doings of the staff Mosaic
Occurring though in times archaic
And swords emerging from the lake
Are kin to Nietzsche's bird and snake
My poets shun the voguish trends
The fleeting chase for venal ends
Your spirit's gold you have at stake
A treasure hid anigh the snake
Oh knowers go with heads held high
In equal parts naïve and sly
To bide the touch that salves the ache
Thus goes the cycle of the snake.

Wael Almahdi

 If you have any thoughts about this poem,  Wael Almahdi  would be pleased to hear them