I Depress Myself on my Coffee Break

I press the plunger on my coffee.
The sun seems to stride through cloud, brightens
and lightens with its golden fingers.
Such a fancy! Summoning energy,
I click the redundant light switch off.
The clock on the wall ticks on.
This is the plain accounting of my life
I requested.

There is enough material here to scavenge
A lifetime. My pencil poises on sudoku.
At this moment the kitchen dresser with its stains
carries a message. 'Wait,' it says.
You don't walk in.
Cradling the cup, I sip, bribe the clock
to silence and express the well-felt substance
of my squeezed and straining heart.

Clive Donovan

If you have any thoughts about this poem,  Clive Donovan  would be pleased to hear them