Novus Libellus
 ~ after Catullus

Little book,
let me be heard
on flimsy, torchable paper
after I have gone
to that last long room.

Spare me from rumors.
Keep my voice raw
from the roaring boys
bedded like rock stars
until their time is up.

If you are still
hear my words, living
squirming things
nailed to the cross beams


Ave atque Vale

Pity the unlucky
bastard forced
by a family lottery
to risk airsickness
and paperwork
to retrieve
my earthly remains
to our home town
for the sad rites
no one wants
to attend.
They will be forced
to carry me --
cradled roughly --
in their arms
as if they cared.
Let the earth
lie lightly
upon these ashes
and buttons of bones
as you bury
in familiar dirt
the soft box
of my brain.

Royal Rhodes

If you have any thoughts about these responses to Catullus,  Royal Rhodes  would be pleased to hear them