Time stopped and robbed tomorrow of the gift
Of you, blue lacy, born beneath the moon.
When we first held you, oh, the giddy lift!
It rocked us to the core… too much... too soon.
We snubbed your puppy wonder. But it slid
Beyond our doubts to light our winter dreams.
All rationale set sail. As our brains bid
Our hearts to button up, you gnawed at seams...
Until you landed in our longing laps.
We had to bring you home to learn just how
To crack your code of leaps and licks and yaps – 
A language we are fluent in right now...
This sunset hour, we’re here beneath your tree –  
The two of us... both wishing we were three. 

Susan Jarvis Bryant

If you have any thoughts about this poem,  Susan Jarvis Bryant   would be pleased to hear them