I Remember My Father

My  Father is a Rhinoceros

He charges into the kitchen.
I hide under the table.

He knocks the table onto me.
He is scary but means well.

I Am a Child

at almost seventy.
My father tells me what to do.

He yells at me
when I fuck up.

My Father Loves My Mother

But she doesn’t love him.
He tries to please her.

He buys her whatever she wants.
She wants a divorce.

He Has Girlfriends

When we lose my mother,
he goes out with other women.

I guess he is charming.
To them.

My Father Dies

I am hoping he will live forever.
Not in heaven or hell.

But somewhere he gets back
what he dished out.

I Remember My Father

Putting me on the refrigerator.
And leaving me there.

Taking me to Psych Institute.
And leaving me there.

Marjorie Sadin

If you have any thoughts about this poem,  Marjorie Sadin  would be pleased to hear them