Activists Arise!

Any natural event can start a metaphor
until it becomes
something else entirely.
A natural event like 
a blade of grass growing,
or a mountain crumbling
before you can fall asleep at night.
You acknowledge it in passing
and how it will affect 
your morning indifference

when the scruffy young man
stops to collect money for a worthy cause.
Or a telecommunicator 
whose easy familiarity offends your breakfast,
your lunch, your dinner
assuring you the problem is greater
than all of your resources.

After all, natural events as metaphor 
must compete
with the scruffy young man
and meal time calls.

"Yes, we are growing out here
and your lawn mower
has become an obstruction to our height;
Twice a month  reduces cover 
for the crawlies that camp under your 
patio off-ramp.  We have a petition here
to stop the rain, forcing 
you to pay for non-rain water.

Everyone out here has signed it.
It will most certainly be 
on the ballot in November
if we can't reach an understanding!" 

L. Fullington