today i loosened my tongue
to animalspeek
talked in the lingo
of the winged and the pawed
cooed and barked
meowed with kittens
basking in the shade
of a tree birded with sparrows

today i let myself go
into animalspeek
where thoughts came
sparking in a filamented
highway of neurons
voweled and consonanted
far from human lines we tow in our talk
but send animals into hiding

today i said "No words today"
only animalspeek
the growls the caws
the chirps the whistles
the engine feline purrings
the panting canine tongues
i will string no letters into words
no words into human-life sentences
no people voice

today in the yard
dogs and cats and birds
and i gathered
to animalspeek
the time of day
not to gossip or complain
nor curse a way of life
instead in animalspeek
we rooted for the caterpillar
crawling up the stem
to the cup of an opened daisy

Salvatore Amico M. Buttaci

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