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Even the most intense
cyber-Wonks confess
that something's missing
in the pixels.

     Deep communion?


Yet the joy,
so speedy,
to OFF the hierarchy

like a loose canon

Professor pals
with Custodian.


                getting a bigger monitor
          ah, that's better
     but communion?
     The Joy of  Cyber-sex 
     No need for a condom

Screwing with words
  Don Juan the master
   even blind Borges'
Funes remembered him

  Has his own web page.


The pain of poor Funes, unable
not to remember:

  himself a one-man Information Age,

a fly in his own Web


Funes, image for
this tsimas
    of our over-stocked brains.

Hamlet said it best
"Words, words, words."


no wonder poor Bill
wanted to touch, be touched!

No wonder we sit so happily
on our cushions in silence

            I did a search for
               John Donne's Flea,
                   found 67,844 hits

            More than half offered sex pics
                   (I am guessing)

                       Ah, morning
             e-mail from family and friends

                once I saw an NC17 site

                   once was enough

              pest control


                     I hit on William Blake's
                web page,
                      links to experience
                     links to innocence
                   and some great

the stuff you find on the Web!
john not filling right,
I'm advised by a lady plumber
at Toiletology 101


and now I've been asked for a poem
for the new computer studio:
"So where's the repose of yesteryear?"


Best Information I've had this Info Age:

"sit! breathe! compassion! all Systems
are bound to crash"

                    I should have
                     she sighed
                          as the machine told her
                      it was empty
                        Then her Sufi
                         screen saver
                            came on 


                Lama to a group
                    3,000 miles away

                       virtual bliss on-line

                   answering questions
                          by modem
                                saving good ones


no sleep
                no money
                      no space
                    ah, parenting
a  four year old
                             watching dad
                    doing on-line ad copy 
                             for nannies 


"Spirit at Work" -- I get by URL
an essay: Workplace Silence

      (my work nothing but
wall-to-wall talk).


bards will continue
to fuck-up royally,
eyes of readers to dim
      whether by pixel or ink.

       oh human sound


At their site
     Tibetan Monks
bless cyberspace

mantra there
    prays that this new Power
    be used for good.


I love the Tibetans!
Their word for computer --


  A Japanese friend
  speaks of Kami

                  What is it?  

              A  God that lives

                 In this machine.

                       And they pour tea.


{by Barry Spacks & Lawrence E. Leone
@ bumpercars.com}