After The Funeral

At the buffet afterwards the finger foods
were welcomed by the Aunts and Uncles
as if celebrating a victory.
There was no mention of you at all,
except in passing.  But my world
had ended, you the one constant
that kept the earth, my earth in order,

regulating everything.
I cannot say how much I will miss you;
it is too new an emotion to fathom,
but I will remember you with
my heart opened, the stars at night
your bright eyes beckoning, the lady
moon our friend again.

But right now the Aunts and Uncles
relate tales to one another, tales
of woe and adventure, of things having
happened in the past or are about
to happen in the future.
And they call for food and drinks,
never expecting the bad weather

of your death to matter too much,
just another silence in a world
tempered with silences.

John Cornwall

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