Those Mudfish Ways

by Robert James Berry

This is the second in Snakeskin's series of e-chapbooks, files that download to your word-processor, so that you can print them off as a pamphlet.

It is an attempt to give Snakeskin poets a more permanent format than that afforded by pixels on a screen. We would welcome comments on the venture. Is this a project that you will find useful? Are poems easier to read on paper than on the screen. Would other electronic formats be more useful than the MS Word .doc file? Let us know.

Robert James Berry is an English poet currently teaching at a Malayan university. His poetry conveys lucid images of the sometimes beautiful, sometimes horrible, environment in which he finds himself. This is Snakeskin's selection from a much larger collection.

Download These Mudfish Ways

If you've any comments on his work, Robert James Berry would be pleased to hear from you.

If you've any comments on the e-chapbook idea, or if you have any technical problems with the file, please contact the editor.