Sapphic Riddles

(These riddles describe seven objects that Peter can see on or near his desk. How many can you guess? Write and tell Snakeskin. There are no vulgar cash prizes, but the winner's name will be well publicised on the net, and he or she will grow rich in fame and the respectful adoration of his/her peers. Answers in next month's Snakeskin.)

Small but perfect, silver and smooth and shiny.
Made to use my body to grasp your sheets, or
Unwrap me: I'll jiggle your secrets open.
Tell me: what am I?

Go-between, informant and chit-chat merchant.
Kiss and tell, I'll give you the names and numbers.
I'll stick close but leaving, leave no impression.
Screw me. Discard me.

Use your hand to show me your every pleasure.
Move me, press me, through me control desire.
I can help you go where you want to. Touch me,
Right on the button.

You can spread me, smooth me, arrange me as you
Want me. I'll lie still on your sheet and wait for
What comes next. Perhaps you won't touch me. Maybe
I'll bear your stroke-marks.

How long must you keep me frustrated? I wait
For your slightest touch to release my passion.
When you're burning then you'll come running to me.
Now you ignore me.

Turn me on: I'll dance and I'll twirl round for you.
When you put my head in a spin, I'll face you.
Feel my breath. I'll give you what no one else can.
Cold, you don't need me.

Though you said I helped you to see things clearly,
Though you swore you'd always keep me close by you,
I know you don't love me at all: I've caught you
Looking straight through me.

All I hold you give to another lover.
Then you use my body to set her dancing.
By her side, I watch as you gently take her,
Kiss her, and taste her.

Peter Howard

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