Two-handed, unsigned renga

dragging up his sled --
one more swoop down Suicide Hill
darkness coming on

on the way there, my shadow
on the way back, nobody

leaves skitter the sidewalk:
a dark pleasure, our feet
crushing their dryness

crossing three time zones
gray wings softly quiver

that lit stone in the sky,
we look to it to harvest
foolish hopes

with their new pencil-boxes
they go where they must go

white sidewalk blossoms
no one sweeps them up, no one
walks around them

misted car windows: a solitude
he'd rather not wipe away

laying down quiet baby
unzipping snow jacket --
her hothouse flower

not the frozen lake, so silken:
the falling through

she begins to forget
where seeds are planted
faithful, frozen

New Year's breakfast:
greedily eating the sun

morning glory
left wired by the cold snap --
the bruising season
sweeping past stoic drivers
windshields of weeping willows

how they've flowed away
to this drowsing warmth,
all those years of Boston ice!

the appointed hour in the park
maybe too early...her winter hands

showy April moon
yellow shout from the sky:
"Wake up! Wake up!"

she studies the sacred text...
at the window, golden forsythia

along curbs on Bath Street,
amid cups, paper, turds, butts,
the newly-flowering trees

she even named them, the children
she imagined having with him

idle girl in the plaza
smoke circling her fingers...
far above, office phones ring

old gent, though it's June --
death-cold grips his feet

catching the big wave
he tumbles on and on
to a final slow slide

the warm aroma of this air
does it come from Zanzibar?

scars too many to count:
scratching chigger bites
till each one bleeds

on the sunny porch
even Buddha reclines

no more allegories!
nightcrawlers help
sweeten the garden

buried lumpy potato
yields delicate white blossoms

seen above State Street
a yellow moon...no, streetlight,
the true moon pale, cold

along the black mountains
a platinum light                                

Cissy Ross and Barry Spacks

If you've any comments on their renga, Cissy Ross and Barry Spacks would be pleased to hear from you.