Mark Speaks Dutch on 42nd Street

Exiting the Port Authority
at 42nd street, Mark
lifts the camera to his eye
frames the geometric grey monolith
and crossing jets of manhole steam

but a panhandler
interrupts his shot with a plea
for five dollars 'cause that's
what a phone call to a
daughter in Georgia costs, he says

Mark answers in Dutch,
not to impress or confuse,
but to repay the annoyance
of an interrupted shot...
we walk east

then north up Madison Ave.
in search of pizza
confused by its absence
we ask a stranger
where can you get a slice?
and are repaid with a blank
stare of annoyance
and head east for Lexington.

Linda Leavitt

If you've any comments on her poem, Linda Leavitt would be pleased to hear from you.