Sometimes I want to go down into the
deep deep water and just be a tiny
symbol, like a typewriter letter or a
crushed valentine from the 1800s in your
hair, loosely waving at the bottom of the sea

I don’t think if they piled all the books from the
sand to the top of the water that any floating
faces would suddenly turn around and start
reading. I mean little girls like to swim. We like
the feel of the salt when it dries on our skin.
We don’t want to take a shower.

Love can really
fuck everything up and then you
can’t get it back and you’re
older and they let you buy beer even
when you don’t want any

These little girls of my heart. They
are telling each other jokes. They
plan to write entire novels using
a third grade vocabulary and the experience of a gnat.

Jessy Randall

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