...incidentally, as part of our ongoing very painful but unavoidable topic, there will be fireworks like starlings, larger than life, bound with little miracles.

...when this conflict first broke out, her silhouette crashed against the concrete, black ink on white paper never coming back, the silent sound, now a train ticket to oblivion.

...across faces, five tongues of ebony fire, (think of the Kabbala) transcending the eye line, setting the forehead ablaze.

...what has happened to the men?  They celebrate themselves, afraid to hide their limitations and there is no hiding place anyway.

...computers never think of her.  There is no war it is just an explosive conversation.  Words wax wild with hot metal fragments.

...simple words in metal clips prolong the delay, the magic of forces on the ground.  That is all that we can say...for now.

Zane Ivy

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