Sestina : Love song.

The lady loves
Her lover's mind
But not his chest
His springy legs
Are far too thin
His nose is sunk, his lips are gold

He gives her gold
That’s why she loves
His eyes stretch thin
And pounding mind
Ignores her legs
He of course just loves her chest

Her bouncing chest
Paints sunlight gold
And wraps those legs
Around her loves
Ignoring mind
Her thoughts of him are watered thin

And with those thin
Lips on her chest
Inside her mind
With gleaming gold
He vaguely loves
The inner meaning of her unproportioned legs

Those silk long legs
Are not so thin
And he now loves
Her gleaming chest
Turned in hot gold
He really, really tries to focus upon mind

That hot sharp mind
Profane with legs
That stripped of gold
Seem gamely thin
Rise to her chest
To make him touch, his exact loves

"You are both loves."
He tells her chest
their relationship had become very thin.

Nicolas Williams

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