Victoria and Albert; Sylvia and Ted  
How much depth and slow-igniting?
How much unquenchable passion ?
Between two people before
exhaustion sets in?
Exhaustion of the burning fuse;
Exhaustion striving to fuel the spark?
The German warming to the English?
The English warming to the American
joie de vivre.  
This mutual attraction between those
needing passion and those needing
near perfection according to their 
innermost diaries.
And the children - an after-thought   
to explain compulsions to others
in later years.
One day I'm the Poet
Another, the Prince keeping his mind 
on matters at hand.
But never Sylvia or Victoria
with children to make them bitter;
Limited to the box nature put them in.
Still passion wanders at night
trying not to get out of hand.


L. Fullington


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