One : Notting Hill

Such candy floss! A lightweight poem
With comic rhymes might best describe it.
If you have reservations - stow 'em.
It's fizzy Cola - so imbibe it.

It may not have the insight of a mean play
By Strindberg but I simply lap it up.
And actors who receive a screenplay
Like this should always quickly snap it up.

H Grant, J Roberts are the faces
Ineffable with stardom while
A randy Welshman is the basis
For some coarse jokes which make us smile.

And love behaves as it's inclined to
And egos spill and make a mess,
But there's an ending that's confined to
Pure fiction, i.e. happiness.

Two : The Matrix

Your mother, lying in her pod of nutrients,
Imagines she's a housewife in North Derbyshire.
You are her child, believing in the milk she gives,
Convinced you're at her breast. And years and years go by.
On non-existent mornings, father rides a bus
Which isn't there to find a desk which cannot be.
He comes home in the evening with a lollipop.
The grand conspiracy of interactive dreams
Provides the orange tang, the smile, but not the care.
The bike they bought you for your birthday never was.
And nothing ever was except the love that gave it,
Which means that something like philosophy is true:
The solid world of space and time is fraudulent,
But we can ground ourselves in love because it's real.


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