The Charge to the Light Brigades

"Dry a brain, parch a brain,
Shrivel and shrink it.
Mindlessness is your target--
Dumb Down and take it!
Backward you Light Brigades!
Darken their minds!"  we said.
"Use all necessary threat!
Choke truth by crusade!"

Backward you Light Brigades!
Is there a mind display'd?
Then, Light Brigade Soldiers,
Increase your legions!
Yours not to ideate,
Yours not to cogitate,
Yours but sweet thought to hate.
March against intelligence!
Numb all the nations!

Canon to right of you!
Canonless--left of you!
Cannonade--up to you!
Infest all regions!
Cross swords, quibble, lock horns,
Override with your scorns,
Sound "Death to every mind!"
Suborn, blitzkrieg, forlorn!
Increase your lesions!

Wheeling on intact brain--
Right-left--dosing cocaine.
To both houses--murrain.
Curdle with technorock;
Lance brains to loose lore;
Straiten every wrinkle;
Tame gray to red inkle;
All matter's scorched earth,
Like tin foil its crinkle,
Synapse--soldier's spoor.
"I won't know; don't teach me!"--
Surrenders this corps.

Canon to right of you!
Canonless--left of you!
Cannonade--just you!
Infest all regions!
Die, Canon!  Sound horns!
Infiltrate the unborn--
You can use barleycorn;
Obscure all your mind rape.
Ignorance--your firstborn.
We salute yours and you,
Know you are Legion!

How came you glorified?
Questions you've hushabyed!
Whole worlds have you dimmed!
All Einsteins stultified!
All Light Minds sanctified,
Deep-Dumbed, paradigmed!

Lynn Veach Sadler


If you've any comments on her poem, Lynn Veach Sadler would be pleased to hear from you.