Second Time Around

Her body clock ticks past the half century
so spring cleans her life instead of the house.
Husband vacuumed up and shaken outside
his drab clothes draped over puzzled shoulders

twitching under the unanswering sky as he
tried to fathom why new locks deny him access
to his cook,cleaner and cosy couch. She free now
from her crown prince of put-downs and his court

of negativity,soon finds another who cares not
what the TV guide offers for prime time slots
but rather delights in sunset softened walks
picnics and other simple pleasures shared.

A European visitor, solo-seated, flies in, begins
to sprinkle permafrost over glowing cheeks
with warning words. The new lover has no job
money or prospects, and possible poor health.

That evening this self-appointed sentinel
finds a brief message beside the TV dinner.
"Remove heart from ice box. Thaw for eight hours,"
as two grey gigglers roller blade into the night.

Barry Southam

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