Controlled Burns 
are deliberately allowed to prevent 
greater mischief. Sparks flying from overdue 
explanations. Lightning  to relieve boredom. 
Avoiding miles and miles of fierce heat,  
winds taunting the firefighter, 
cities pouring out on the roads 
all from accidental fires showing no mercy. 
When he said "I'm sorry," he probably was.
And then she found a match under his pillow
not yet struck .  He said  he had forgotten
where he put it.  Would she put it on the mantle.
Set early enough, he said, lesser flames derive 
little from trees that provide only
resistant fuel.  Even if  they had no idea 
what to do with their dried leaves, 
too nostalgic to set out with the trash. 
Besides the sheets were marked fire-protected
and the house was fully insured.
Then it turned out she was sorry
And put a whole box of matches on the mantle
but kept two under her pillow.
And  the air became thick with smoke. 
While trivia was driven out and the wallpaper
became charred with old injustices .
he said "I'm glad we had this little talk"

L. Fullington

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